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Barn Fire Prevention

Barn Fire Prevention
John Rose | 0 Comments

Everyone cringes when you hear about a barn fire.  The devastation can range from total losses including animal and human lives, to simply a building destroyed with no additional damage to people or property.  So what are some causes?  First and foremost are hay fires.  Wet hay put up can spontaneously combust, destroying a barn in minutes.  But there are many other causes.  They range from equipment catching on fire after being used, wires chewed by mice, rats, or squirrels that short out, faulty devices, to careless hands in the barn with cigarettes.

Many fires are preventable with some simple safety considerations.  Stand alone equipment and hay sheds are becoming more and more common.  But here are some simple, often overlooked ways to prevent fires.

  1. Go over your barn in the spring and fall.  Go up into your loft or rafters and make sure you have no unwanted guests chewing on your wiring while working on a winter nest.
  2. Check to make sure fans, heaters, and other electrical devices are not clogged with dust and dirt at their ventilation points, creating an over-heating condition while operating.
  3. NEVER allow smoking in your barn, and have a butt container that cannot catch on fire outside for those who have to smoke while on the property.
  4. Most barns have a detailed list of phone numbers for emergencies.  Include 911 INSTRUCTIONS for access to the barn, points for water draw for the fire companies, etc.  Everyone knows to call 911 these days.  But once there is an emergency, what do you tell the 911 operator?
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