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Wyomissing PA

Wyomissing, PA

The owners of this bank barn wanted to retain the classic look of this beautiful structure while converting a century-old dairy barn to a beautiful, functional horse stable with upper level storage.  Modern windows and all new doors and siding are covered with standing seam roofing.  Custom hand made louvers allow for great ventilation in the upper level of the barn.  Downstairs, the original dairy fixtures and concrete were removed and dutch doors were added for the stalls.  Paint was stripped, allowing the owner to varnish the original hand-hewn beams to create a stunning look overhead in the stable.  This barn is a great example of what can be done with a solid existing structure.

  • Wyomissing pa bank barn restoration-before
  • Wyomissing pa bank barn interior-after
  • Wyomissing pa bank barn interior-before