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A-Frame Roof

A triangular shaped roof (shape of an A) that may be built with a different roof pitch.  The majority of barns & houses built today use this A-Frame roof style construction. (also known as Gable Roof)

Anchor Bolt

A metal bold used to secure masonry or structural elements. The anchor bolt head is typically embedded into concrete or stone with the threaded section protruding to have items affixed. It can be used to attach or secure framing, timbers, equipment, machinery, etc.  Anchor bolts are also commonly used to securely anchor a sill plate to beam to concrete or stone foundation walls.


The space directly under the roof of a building.

Attic Truss

A truss designed to accommodate a living space or extra storage space.


An overhang or architectural projection attached to the exterior wall that provides weather protection or decoration.

B Exposure

A type of wind exposure, usually urban/suburban areas, wooded areas, or other terrain with closely spaced obstructions having the minimum size of a single-family home.


A square or lathe-turned post that supports the handrail as on a staircase or balcony.


A building for storing hay, grain, etc., and often for housing livestock.


The portion of a building that is partly or wholly underground.

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