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Dead Load

The total weight of all structural materials that are relatively constant over time, such as framing, trusses, purlins, sheathing, roofing, ceiling covering, plus all collateral loads.


The degree to which a structural member is displaced when subjected to a load.

Design Loads

Refers to the dead and live loads in which the roof or floor is designed to support.


The bottom-side of the roof that extends past the outside walls of a building, or the roof’s lower edge of the overhang.


A vertical wall built at the end of a structure, which is perpendicular to the ridge of the building.

Entry Door

The hinged door in which gives access to the inside of a building.


Any broad, flat and horizontal surface covering the outer edge of roof rafters. These sometimes support gutters.


A triangular portion of the front or side of a building between the edges of a sloping roof.

Gable Overhang

The projection of the roof that extends past the exterior wall.

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