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The Uniform Building Code (UBC) promotes public safety and standardized requirements for safe construction. It was first published by the International Council of Building Officials. But in 2000, was replaced by the International Building Code (IBC).


Wind load that creates a lifting effect, in an upward direction on a building.

Vapor Barrier

A material (plastic, foil, coated paper, etc.) used to protect floors, walls and ceilings from condensation and moisture damage.


The circulation of natural or mechanical air in any space.


A material covering the lower portion of a wall in the form of paneling, primarily used as an aesthetic feature.


A structural member that connects the top and bottom chords of a truss and creates a triangular pattern.

Wind Load

The pressure on a structure caused by wind, measured in pounds per square foot.


A brace in the shape of an X, used to increase stability and wind load of a building.

Zinc-Aluminum Coating

Zinc and aluminum coated steel used for corrosion resistance.

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